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server  Location in Europe, Germany

server  Used only for Streaming

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Why to choose us

  • Real People - Legal Company
  • Quick Support
  • Free Instant Setup / No contract
  • Free AutoDJ (Stream 24/7)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP
  • Web-Based Control Panel
  • Drag-and-drop AJAX library
  • Statics And Reports
  • Playlist Scheduling
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • And more...

Centova Cast v3 Pro

Whether you're a ShoutCast newbie or a seasoned streaming professional, Centova Cast makes it easy to configure your stream.

  • SHOUTcast v2 Server
  • Auto switching between real DJ and autoDJ (Shoutcast v2, Icecast)
  • New Album Cover Services
  • DJ Account Support
  • Multi-Language (English, Espanol, Portuguese, Dutch)
  • Statistics Improvements
  • Web-based File Management & mp3 Uploads
  • Automated Song Requests Widget
  • Multiple Mount Points / Individual autoDJ encoders
  • MP3 and/or AAC+
  • Crossfade Threshold & Crossfade Length Options
  • Google Maps Widget
  • Instant and Automated Upgrades/Downgrades


In addition to providing total control over your streaming server, Centova Cast also provides comprehensive autoDJ system. Never again will your clients need to rely on their own PC to broadcast their stream!

When enabled, clients may upload their media (MP3s, etc.) directly to the server via FTP, manage their media through Centova Cast's comprehensive AJAX Media Library system , and schedule their media using Centova Cast's advanced playlist scheduling system.

This provides a complete, all-in-one solution for setting up an Internet radio station.

AJAX Media Library

Centova Cast's AJAX media library brings a familiar, desktop-style media management interface to the web.

Media can be searched or browsed by artist, album, title, or genre. Tracks can be added to a playlist simply by dragging and dropping them on the desired playlist. This drag-and-drop functionality can be used to instantly schedule the selected tracks to play at a given time, or on a repeating schedule.

Stream Start Pages

Centova Cast provides each stream with its own AJAX-driven, interactive and informative start page.

Features include:

  • Stream status and current song
  • On-demand content downloads
  • Recent tracks list
  • Song request form
  • Station tune-in links.
  • Map of listener locations

Most of these are also available as a standalone, AJAX-driven JavaScript widgets which the stream owner can use on his own web site.

Statistics & Reports

Centova Cast provides the most comprehensive streaming radio statistics system commercially available today. It provides information about listener trends and demographics, data transfer, track performances and popularity, user agents, and much, much more.


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